Connect to inactive node on clustered environment through SSMS (SQL Server)

If you are using Azure SQL Server and you have already configured a clustered environment to implement a high-availability architecture in Azure SQL database you will have one active node.
The rest will be accessible only in read-only mode.
When you connect to some of the inactive nodes through SQL Server Management Studio and try to open a Database then you will receive the following error:

“The database <Your_DB> is not accessible”

And if you try to create a new query over selected DB, you will get:

“The target database (‘Your_DB’) is in an availability group and is currently accessible for connections when the application intent is set to read only. For more information about application intent, see SQL Server Books Online. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)”

What you can do is to open the connection to the server in Read Only mode.
You can do it from the connection pop-up click on “Options >>” then “Additional Connection Parameters” and type there


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